User management

User management

By department

Department User Managers can manage the permissions of Department Users and of Project Users. Note that a person cannot be both a Department User and Project User at the same time.

When managing Department Users, please be aware of the following recommended guidelines:

  • Be aware of what information the standard Department User will see when they log in.
  • Take account of the sort of role that would require someone to be a MARS Department User, eg project-specific people should not be granted access.
  • Check that a new standard Department User has completed the Online Information Security module within the last 12 months.
  • If known, enter the contract end date. Users will be unable to access MARS once this contract end date has passed.
  • Please remove department access from users whose role no longer requires MARS access, who have transferred to another department, or who have left the University.
  • It is recommended that you carry out a monthly review of users in your department to ensure that all users still require access.

As a Department User Manager you will have four tabs when you log in: 

  1. To manage user access click on User management to display your department.
  2. Click on the Department link to display all the current users within the department.
user management


Note: Managers will only see details of their own department.

List of department users

Note: A Department User Manager’s record will be flagged with a tick in the column headed User manager. This flag can only be set or removed, or the record deleted, by a member of the support team.

Adding a new department user

  1. Enter the SSO username and the full name of the user.
  2. Enter an end date if known.
  3. Click on the Add User button.
picture of add new user screen with fields highlighted


  1. The new department user will be displayed:
Picture of the new user created


Updating a department user record

  1. Click on the Edit button
  2. The Edit button will be replaced by two buttons: Save and Cancel
  3. Update the record as required, and either click on the Save button to save the changes or click the Cancel button to discard the changes. Only the full name and contract end dates can be edited.


Remove a department user record

  1. Click the Delete button to remove a record.
  2. A confirmation box will be displayed. Click the OK button to confirm deletion.
Picture of the confirm delete this user screen.


Note: A user will no longer have access to MARS where a contract end date has been set and that date has passed. Users will also be unable to log in if their Single Sign-on has expired.

By project

Department User Managers can manage the permissions of Department Users and of Project Users. Note that a person cannot be both a Department User and a Project User at the same time. If you wish to set someone up as a Department User, you must delete them as a Project User first, and vice versa.

To add someone as a Project User, click on the Manage Permissions ‘By Project’ tab under User Management.

manage permissions

A list of your projects is displayed.

Filter and search

filter and search

Filters are provided to help locate a specific project or user.

Enter any part of a project code or project name into the Filter Projects box. The list of projects is immediately filtered to display any matches.

Enter any part of a Single Sign On (SSO) username or a person’s name into the Filter User by SSO or Name box. A list of matching results is displayed. Select the correct match, then click Search. Projects to which the user has access are displayed. This function is useful when you want to establish which projects a person has been added to.

Clicking on Clear will clear the filters and refresh the screen with the full list of projects.

Adding a new project user

Click on the project to which you wish to add a new user. The project expands to display a list of the top tasks that make up the project, together with existing project users. The end date last logged in date for existing users is included.

adding a new project user

Add the new user’s SSO into the SSO username box, and their name into Full name box. Enter their contract end date, if known, into the End date box. Tick the top tasks to which you wish to grant access. In many cases there will only be one top task, sometimes there will be more. Access can be limited to just one top task, if required.

If you are the lead department in a collaborative project, you will also be able to grant the new project user access to the top tasks of partner departments. However, if you are the partner department in a collaborative project, you will only be able to grant the new project user access to your department’s top tasks.

Once you click Add User, the new user is added to the list of project users for this project. The next time that person logs in to MARS, they will see this project on their ‘My Projects’ list.

Editing and deleting a project user

Navigate to the project whose users you wish to manage. A list of current users is displayed. Click the red Edit button to edit the person’s name or end date. SSO username cannot be edited, as it is a unique identifier in the MARS system. If you have entered the wrong SSO username, you will need to delete the user and enter a new user with the correct SSO.

To delete a user, click the red Delete button. A warning message is displayed, which you can confirm if you are sure you wish to proceed. Once you confirm the deletion, the user is de-activated in MARS and will no longer be able to log in.

Expiry of project users

Project users will lose access to MARS in the following situations:

  • Their Oxford Single Sign-On expires.
  • An end date is entered for them on MARS. Access is permitted up to and including the end date, but ceases the day after.
  • The project user is deleted. This causes an immediate loss of access.