My projects

My projects

This page is only available to project users. If your MARS Department User Manager has set you up as a project user, you will be automatically directed to this page after logging in.

Viewing the finance graphs

viewing the finance graphs


Projects to which you have been granted access are listed. For each project, Oracle project code and title are displayed.

Two graphs are shown for each project. Note that these two graphs show project directly incurred (DI) totals, filtered by the top tasks to which your Department User Manager has granted you access. Overheads are excluded from all graphs and values.

DI spend against budget

This graph depicts project spend (blue) against the original budget (orange).

The orange bar shows the DI budget for your project / top tasks (taken from Project Portfolio and Spend report, column X). The blue bar shows DI total spend to date (taken from Project Portfolio with Spend report, column Y Costs plus column Z Commitments). Hovering over the graph shows the total budget, actual spend, committed spend and remaining budget for the DI costs (from Project Portfolio and Spend report, columns X, Y, Z and AB).

DI run rate

This graph allows you to assess at a glance whether project spend is keeping pace with project elapsed time.

The vertical orange line indicates today’s date and is calculated by MARS as a percentage of project time that has passed, where the project start date is 0% and the announced end date is 100%. The announced end date is taken from Oracle and includes any date extensions.

Directly incurred costs are indicated by a blue bar which shows what percentage of the budget has been spent so far. Hovering over the bar shows the exact percentage, the budget (Project Portfolio with Spend report, column X) and spend (Project Portfolio with Spend report, column Y Costs plus column Z Commitments).

Project staff

Information about staff paid directly from the project this month is imported monthly from the CoreHR Condensed Payroll report. The project staff information shown is applicable to the current month only. You will only see the names and derived FTE of directly costed project staff who are being paid from projects / top tasks to which you have been granted access.

Project staff information is imported from the Condensed Payroll Costing report columns F, G and O. The information you are permitted to view is dependent on the Oracle project codes and top tasks to which you have been given access (which are matched against columns V and X of the report).

Key dates

Project start and announced end dates are shown, as well as any important dates entered manually on the project page.